FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding The Tech-Roll motorized pulley. If you have a question that is not listed here, please send your question to sales@tech-roll.com

Q: What make of motor is in the Tech-Roll?
A: The “mini” Tech-Roll uses a Danfoss/Sauer OMM hydraulic motor. Tech-Rolls from 4.5” diameter and up use a Parker TE Series. They have Viton seals as standard, and are equipped with a full backpressure shaft seal. Heavy duty custom rollers with 2.5” shafts use Parker TG Series motors. All motors are of the Geroller family of motors.

Q: What is the speed range?
A: The Tech-Roll drum motor runs smooth and with almost constant torque between 5 rpm and 300 rpm.

Q: Can you put any sprocket on the Tech-Roll?
A: Yes, as long as the sprocket is of the solid type, i.e., not with spokes and thin center web. The Tech-Roll has been used with products from Intralox, KVP, and Habasit, Uni Chain, and others. Sprockets with a pitch diameter of as little as 6.5” can be used on the 4.5” diameter roller.

Q: Can the roller be crowned, lagged or knurled?
A: Yes, all of the above.

Q: How many horsepower is in the Tech-Roll?
A: It is difficult to apply horsepower rating to a hydraulic motor because of its constant torque at all speeds. In general, The Tech-Roll will have an equivalent rating from 0.2 hp to 40 hp depending on the size of the motor and roller.

Q: How much back pressure can the shaft-seal take?
A: The motor in the Tech-Roll is designed to take full system pressure on the shaft-seal, i.e. in excess of 1500 psi.

Q: What if the Tech-Roll needs service?
A: The Tech-Roll can easily be serviced in house. Service interval varies from every 2 years to 5 years and consists of replacing O-rings and shaft seals. All parts are standard and can be obtained from Tech-Roll or a parts house.