Industries Served by Tech-Roll Motorized Pulleys and Drum Motors

Meat and Poultry
The meat and poultry industries are a perfect fit for the hydraulic motorized pulley. Many of the largest producers in these industries have been using the Tech-Roll drum motor for about 17 years. All are experiencing the benefits of this drum motors & motorized pulleys: No more downtime. No more motor painting and replacements. It’s clean, safe, durable and dependable.

Just one less thing to worry about.




Wood and Lumber
With all the dust and debris in wood processing, having the motor inside the drum protects the drive and keeps it out of the way of workers. The Tech-Roll drum motor is currently being used in many sawmills across the United States. It works great in tight spaces and no more damaged motors and breakdowns.




The fish processing industry has a particular circumstance not seen in many industries - salt water. The Tech-Roll motorized pulley performs flawlessly under often, brutal conditions. With high pressure saltwater wash-downs, the motor stays dry and protected, and saves valuable space in processing rooms onboard fishing vessels.

To date, Tech-Roll has delivered thousands of motorized pulleys to fishing industries all over the world.



Other applications for the Tech-Roll include, but not limited to:

  • Agricultural equipment

  • Food processing equipment

  • Sand and gravel

  • Materials handling

  • Oil skimmers

  • Mobile loading operations, from airports
    to gravel pits



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