• The Tech-Roll drum motor has been re-designed to accept motors from 5 cubic inch to 24 cubic inch in a common shell, making it possible to update an existing Tech-Roll motorized pulley with a larger motor should the load requirement change. At the same time, we are now using splined shafts on the motors for easier assembly and more torque transfer.

  • The hub has been designed to include dual shaft seals and a sealed stainless steel ball bearing in the hub. This eliminates the need for greasing the bearing. This also allows the Tech-Roll to operate submerged to several feet.

  • We hard chrome our stainless steel fixed shafts in way of the seals & bearings, making the shaft virtually wear free.

  • All new parts are compatible with previous Tech-Rolls.

  • We also keep an inventory of sprockets for many types of modular belt as well as flat wire belts. The sprockets are bored & keyed for Tech-Rolls.

  • The length of the Tech-Roll motorized pulley can now be up to 12’ feet.



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